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Next Eleven partners with business and individuals to optimize every aspect of their Business-to-Consumer marketing. From new brand development to marketing operations and reporting, we can help you increase new customer acquisition, decrease cost, and improve your sales funnel.

Next Eleven has years of proven experience of developing new channels of acquisition and creating loyalty programs to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. Next Eleven can help with every process, system, and budget that impacts your marketing and sales teams. If you are looking for affiliate management, or need an outside party to help advise you on new marketing technology, Next Eleven can be your strategic partner.

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Affiliate Marketing

Brand Development

Funnel Optimization

Loyalty Marketing

Strategic Consulting

Call Center Solutions

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Affiliate Marketing And Management

If you are seeking new publishers that can provide quality compliant traffic, let Next Eleven work with your affiliate or performance marketing team. From our digital properties to our network of publishers, we can work with you to create campaigns that provide the traffic you are looking for with minimal impact to your budget or marketing team.

Brand Development

Looking to create a unique brand to target a specific segment, or wanting to promote a niche product, let Next Eleven help you develop a brand that customers respond to and loyally buy from over a lifetime. From the logo to your value proposition, we will help you create your go-to-market strategy that speaks to customers and generates long-term reoccurring revenue.

Customer Funnel Optimization

Trying to determine if it’s the leads, the script, the systems, or the market, Next Eleven can help you improve your marketing and sales funnels while enhancing the way you are using your current tech stack. From A/B testing your IVR to refining your order entry process, Next Eleven will optimize each step of your marketing and sales funnels to increase customer satisfaction, conversions, and handle times.

Loyalty And Affinity Marketing

Let Next Eleven create a loyalty marketing program that is personalized to each of your customers, and provides incremental revenue at a fraction of the cost of your new customer acquisition. Loyalty marketing unlocks the lifetime value of your customers and allows you to keep your customers engaged to stay compliant and test new offers or products.

Strategic Consulting

Looking for a part-time CMO or help with an RFP, Next Eleven can work with you on projects and initiatives when outside expert advice is needed. Whether you are considering a new marketing channel or seeking a partnership with a client that is outside your core verticals, Next Eleven is here to help you in any engagement period that fits your needs.

Call Center Solutions

With over 20 years of experience with call centers, Next Eleven can help you with any aspect of your contact center needs. From increasing seats with a BPO for seasonality to outsourcing reengagement of leads that didn’t convert, Next Elven knows the reputable partners that will run compliant campaigns at affordable rates.

MarTech Advising And Implementation

If you are considering a new call tracking platform or ESP, or if you need help with implementation and optimization of your current MarTech stack, let Next Eleven work with you to get the most our your current marketing technologies. We can help make sure your tech is acquiring, tracking, and nurturing leads, and you are getting the reporting you need from it.

Lead Brokering And Generation

If you are looking for compliant leads for current campaigns or have leads that you are looking to sell, Next Eleven can help. Our extensive network or advertisers and publishers will help you work with the direct sources. Next Eleven can also help you monetize leads that didn’t convert with easy to implement campaigns that don’t impact your buy-flow or brand.

Next Eleven specializes in the following verticals:

  • Auto Loans
  • Cable Television
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Management
  • Deregulated Energy
  • Device Warranties
  • Final Expense
  • Health Products
  • Home Insurance
  • Home Phone
  • Home Security
  • Home Warranties
  • Internet
  • Life insurance
  • Medical Supplement
  • Mortgages & ReFi
  • Personal Loans
  • Satellite Television
  • Senior Products
  • Travel
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Warranties
  • Wireless Phones

Our flagship brand -

About is a free platform for employees and organizations, including alumni, seniors, veterans and students, offering the best discounts on services that consumers use each day. The company has been in the employee discount industry for more than 20 years, offering an easy-to-use platform that allows members to get direct access to national brands at a discount. Members choose from discounts on tires, travel, health products, insurance and more.

Some of the clients of Next Eleven

Game Plan Leader - Mark Heydt

Game Plan Leader, LLC. Our goal is to coach and develop the next gen leader through leadership coaching, new manager programs, high potential programs, strengths based development, and other customized leadership development initiatives. With these innovative experiences, we can prepare the next group of leaders to take the reins!

International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics

IIPC is a nationally recognized educational organization, specializing in the education and training of Permanent Cosmetics Technicians. We teach the procedures, applications and care encompassed by the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. IIPC is arguably the most prestigious and successful Permanent Cosmetics Institute in the world, and has been setting and exceeding industry standards since its inception.

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